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Within Catalunya the Alt Camp area is famed for its Calçotada festivals in the Spring. Calçots are onions, grown over two seasons to look much like a leek. They start life as seed onions, and are harvested after a full growing season looking much like ordinary onions. They are stored in a dry place, and then replanted in September. As they shoot again, new growth is packed with earth to blanch it. This makes about half its length white, whilst it is somewhat sweeter and milder than an ordinary onion .

The calçots are laid out on the grill, and burnt over a roaring fire of vine cuttings. Once charred on both sides, the calçots are wrapped and left to "steam", making them softer, and loosening the burnt outer skin. Once served, you take each calçot in your right hand, and slip the burnt skin off with your left. The skin is discarded, and the remaining part dipped in the sauce. A Calçotada is completed with a mixed grill of lamb and sausages cooked on the embers of the fire.

La Calçotada

Calçots with romesco sauce

Llonganissa (Sausage), cansalada (Bacon) & botifarra negre (Black pudding) with haricot beans.

Lamb with artichokes and baked potatoes

Oranges with sugar or honey


Wine, Cava, Water, Coffee and liqueur

45€ per person. including VAT
Maximum group: 10 persons
(please reserve in advance)

Unhurried calçotada in an intim family setting.

Mondays and Tuesdays we also do calçotadas, on reservation only,
price €45 IVA including VAT


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